More gigs coming up in August

We have two gigs lined up for next month. We're playing the Castle Hotel on Oldham Street Manchester on Friday August 5th and then Chorlton Monofest on Saturday August 27th.

We don't have a lot of further details at the moment such as prices, times or, well anything, but when we do, we'll let you know.

Our first gig went well

We performed live for the first time on Saturday June 25th at the Night and Day Cafe in Manchester, a venue where the likes of Johnny Marr, Alex Turner and Guy Garvey have also performed, and we ended up being third on the bill and hence being the headlining band on our first ever outing!

We got a pretty good reception from the small but noisy group of our friends who came down to support us and quite a lot of people who had presumably never heard of us before so all in all it was a great success.

We're currently trying to book more live events as soon as possible because we loved it so much that we want to do it again and again. 

We have a gig

This is the piece of news we've been waiting to announce for months now but we finally have our first gig, and it takes place in just over a week. We've been accepted to perform in the Night and Day's Local Showcase at the Night and Day Cafe in Manchester.

We're sharing the bill with two other bands and we will each have a 30 minute set to perform. The running order has yet to be confirmed.

The event takes place on Saturday 25th June 2016 at 8pm and the address is Night and Day Cafe, 26 Oldham Street, manchester, M1 1JN. Tickets are £6 on the door but our first 15 guests can get in for £5, so if you're coming please text one of us and we'll try to get you on the list.

Obviously we're all very excited and we hope you can make it to Manchester on the 25th.

New video online now

We've got a new video to share. This is for Blind Eyes, one of our shorter, snappier songs. Filmer in Stockport in February 2016, it was produced and directed by Steve Fitzhulme.

Here it is:

Silent Dawn Video

A little while ago, Steve Fitzhulme and Pete Lownsborough filmed a video for Silent Dawn.

Here's the video.

The song is one recorded a while back, but we've got another vid in the pipeline and this is for one of the ones we recorded in 2015. Its called Blind Eyes and we're expecting it to be online in the next week or so.

Busy in the Studio

A few weeks ago Nick Hall broke his shoulder in an accident, so any plans we had of playing live this summer have been scrapped. It could be October or November before we're playing live now which is a bit of a frustration but that's life. However, while Nick recovers from his injury the rest of us have been using the enforced break from rehearsing and have been busy recording some tracks and also writing some new material.

We've been programming a 'virtual Nick' so the rest of us could record our guitar, keys, bass and vocal parts so as soon as he's able to start waving his arms around like a madman again, we'll get to work recording the drum parts.

All in all its quite exciting and hopefully we'll have some new recorded material to show off in a month or two.

In the meantime we wish Nick well and hope for a speedy recovery.

New video online now!

In a slight departure from the norm, we've done our latest video ourselves. Using stills taken by Steve Fitzhulme a few weeks ago, we've put some of them in front of a recording of Blind Eyes, one of our current songs.

Here's the link:


Two new videos online now and more to come

Our friend and resident music video producer Steve Fitzhulme has been busy putting together some new videos.

One is of our interview and the other is a promo video.

Once again, many thanks to Steve for all his hard work in making us look good.

In a few weeks Steve and the band are making a brand new video for one of our songs called 'Silent Dawn'. More news on that when it happens.

Photoshoot and interview

Last Thursday Steve Fitzhulme visited our rehearsal studio where he took some photos and some live footage of us in rehearsal. He then conducted a short interview. I'm not sure what's going to happen with the interview or the recordings of us in rehearsal, but some of the photos are online already. You'll have noticed, no doubt, that we have a new front page photo of the boys standing about in a corridor looking moody, and we've refreshed the photos on the individual profiles page. We'll get a load more photos in the gallery page soon.

Here's one of the photos of the band taken during the interview.