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001 Cinic pose      002 Cinic in rehearsal

003 Cinic Nick Hall 004 Cinic Pete Lownsborough 005 Cinic lead guitar player Neil Lambert 005 Cinic Nick Holt 

006 Cinic in colour in Manchester  007 CInic Kicking Leaves cover  007 Cinic Kick Leaves  007 Cinic Sunrise of Eternity

027 Cinic guitarist Neil Lambert tuning up 028 Nick Holt and Pete Lownsborough take a break between rehearsing songs 029 Nick Holt of British rock band Cinic 030 Nick Hall of Cinic exaggerates to Neil Lambert 031 Cinic bassist Nick Holt 032 Cinic are making great music 

  008 Cinic band interview             009 Cinic in band pose

     015 Cinic Pete Lownsborough Fire in My Eye   016 Cinic Nick Hall behind the drum kit    pete bw small

011 Cinic Nick Holt bass guitar 012 Cinic Pete Lownsborough Vocals 013 Cinic Neil Lambert lead guitar 014 Cinic Nick Hall drums 

017 Cinic Neil Lambert rehearsing018 Cinic Nick Hall at the drums 019 Cinic Nick Holt playing keyboards 020 Pete Lownsborough of Cinic 021 Alternative rock band Cinic  023 Nick Hall plays drums for Cinic 024 Nick Holt and Pete Lownsborough of Cinic 025 Cinic Lullaby 026 Nick Holt and Nick Hall rehearse Throwing Dice