Cinic have parted company with our lead vocalilst so we need someone to step in.

Pete has left the band, taking his songs with him so we also need someone to join in with songwriting duties. We're looking to potentially move in a new direction so this is a great opportunity to help drive that new direction and make the band 'your own'.

Contact us using the details below...


Cinic are also looking to recruit someone to play keyboards and synthesisers in the band. 

While advanced piano playing skills are not necessary, we need someone who can play multiple parts on multiple devices simultaneously. 

We currently use a sequencer run through a laptop and it may be necessary to keep some of the sounds in the sequencer but in our bid to add flexibility and authenticity to our live shows aswell as improving our overall sound, we would like a human being to take on the bulk of the work.

So what 'sounds' do we use?

Well, we have piano which we use in Lullaby and Throwing Dice. We have modulating synths in Cocaine Revolver, Lullaby and Sunrise of Eternity. In Blind Eyes we have a few synth/organ parts and there's more organ in Lullaby. I could go on, but in short there are piano, organ and synthesiser parts in pretty much everything we play.

Equipment wise, we have a Casio keyboard that is used for all the live piano. It's not very good though and any self-respecting pianist would probably want their own stage piano. We use a MicroKorg for a lot of our on-stage sounds. We have one but would possibly need a second unit for live purposes. Finally we use a piece of software called EZ Keys which we gives us some fantastic vintage electric piano sounds.

Our 'sound' as it stands is far from being set in stone. We are definitely open to new ideas, new tones and new approaches to existing songs and fresh material.

We rehearse in Stockport, usually on a Thursday evening. As for gigs, you'll see from this website that we have done four gigs and we intend to do more soon.

So... Interested?

Please contact us via our Facebook page or email us on the address below if you want more information.